When you think of Manhattan, you instantly think style...

Keeping up with the latest trends can be tough, but when it comes to eye popping, party rocking garments just oozing with New York style, RAW GLITTER has more than a few things up its sleeve.

Founded in 2013 by a style-conscious, independent young woman at beginning of her law school career, New York City’s RAW GLITTER was built with love, determination, a keen eye for detail and a serious passion for fashion.

 In a short space of time RAW GLITTER went from a one woman operation to the popular New York fashion bazaar it is today - and with more and more fashion hungry fans visiting RAW GLITTER all the time, this chic boutique is showing no signs of slowing down.

We specialize in sourcing original garments and have a natural passion for anything chic. From couture to new and vintage clothing, plus jewelry and accessories, our virgin collections are anything but dull and whether you’re from Manhattan, London, Melbourne, Paris - or anywhere else for that matter - our pieces are hand-picked to make you the toast of any special occasion.

So, enter The HOUSE OF VANITY: a high-class New York fashion bazaar that offers a real taste of the Big Apple and pick your perfect party dress.


Happy shopping!




Raw Glitter Behind the Scenes: 1st Photo Shoot